Gear Fit 2 vs Fitbit Charge 2


I recently got my hands on a Fitbit Charge 2 to compare to the Gear Fit 2.

The Fitbit Charge 2 is better because…

  • it has 2x the battery life
  • its app is generally better
  • it gamifies fitness better
  • it is more social
  • it works with iPhones

The Gear Fit 2 is better because…

  • Its screen is infinitely nicer looking
  • It has a touch screen — which allows for a much wider range of interaction
  • it does a lot more than the Charge 2 — for example, the Charge 2 doesn’t have a timer, can’t answer/reject calls, can’t respond to text, and more.
  • its sleep tracking is much more accurate
  • It works with Spotify
  • You can actually store music on the device and listen via Bluetooth

Conclusion: I like the Gear Fit 2 quite a bit more.  It is very annoying that the Charge 2 doesn’t have a timer.  This is such a simple feature to add and it is very useful (I use it on the Fit 2 every day).  Also, being able to answer or reject calls with the Fit 2 is major.  These extra features more than offset the loss of battery life in my opinion.


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