Is Samsung Gear Fit 2 Waterproof And What Can It Do?

Is Samsung Gear Fit 2 Waterproof And What Can It Do?

The Samsung Gear Fit2 is a fitness tracking device that helps you work on being more active. Is it able to withstand water and what else can you expect? The following will teach you what it’s capable of and why these features are helpful.

It is not completely waterproof, but it is water resistant. It can last for 30 minutes in up to 5 feet of water, so don’t push it beyond that. This is better than nothing because if you were to drop it into your sink or got it wet briefly it is not going to malfunction or die on you. Of course, there are limits to it, so you have to be careful where you take it, but most accidents that can happen including 5 feet of water should be easy to avoid when working out. Swimming is not a good activity to wear this for if you plan to go deeper than 5 feet!

You can use this device to connect it to your smartphone, like a current Samsung Galaxy. Of course, you have to make sure any phone you have works with Bluetooth 4.2 technology if you want to make sure that you can use this feature. Notifications are sent from the smartphone or texts so that you can easily know what is going on without having to keep taking a phone out as you work out. It uses the Tizen OS that Samsung has put out, so it’s up to date and easy to use.

The battery is going to last you up to 5 days, but you have to make sure that you charge it before that, so you’re not going to have it run out as you’re working out. What you get is a 200mAh battery, and it’s easy to charge it quickly. There are bands of different colors that you can use with it if you’re not happy with what you get by default. Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit your wrist right when you buy it, either, because you can buy a smaller or larger band if you have to.

There is talk about Spotify being made available as an app for this device. There are also other types of apps like being able to change watch faces on it. It’s using what a smartwatch would use as an OS, so you can easily use all kinds of apps with it that add functionality and give you more fitness information than you get by default if you know what to get. Look for reviews on apps, and make sure the app helps you in some way or at least makes the display look better for you.

Is Samsung Gear Fit 2 waterproof? Yes, it is in a sense, but it has its limits. To make sure this is right for you, check out the benefits you read about here again and go check out the product yourself online or in person.

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